JET sound protection dome rooflights

The JET sound protection dome rooflights make a valuable contribution to the reduction of loud noises, and thereby also to the protection of health. They both ensure that noise from outsidedoes not enter the building, and simultaneously reduce noise transmission from the inside to theoutside. This enables people to work undisturbed and efficiently within a building.

The JET sound protection dome rooflights enable you to comply with officially prescribed limitation values for sound emission - for example in mixed commercial areas. At the same time, sound emissions are reduced just as occurs in the vicinity of airports. In the JET TOP-90 comfort-S version, the JET dome rooflights also fulfil the high requirements of the EnEV (Energy Saving Ordinance.

These dome rooflights can also be utilised for efficient smoke extraction via the flat roof (SHEV) or for daily ventilation when required. Contact us; we will be pleased to talk to you.

Product range sound protection dome rooflights

JET TOP-90 SOUND double-skinned + LSG 8mm