JET roof exits and roof entries

JET dome rooflights can be equipped as a roof exit and roof entry where required. In addition to the supplied JET dome rooflight, the scope of delivery includes a thermally insulated JET kerb including special fittings, a handle for internal locking and/or internal and external locking (depending on version) as well as a tension lock for external locking.

Furthermore, our roof exits and entries are available with additional safety level 1 (ladder holder) and safety level 2 (grating with ladder holder) equipment. In addition to increased comfortand safety, the versions equipped with safety accessories also comply with various BG (German Employer´s Liability Insurance Association) rules – for example "Safety against slipping".

You can utilise our roof exit fittings for effective stairwell smoke exhaust in accordance with LBO, and thereby ensure maximum safety in the event of fire in your stairwells.

Product range of roof exits and roof entries

JET combi dome rooflight

JET roof exit device DA-EL