Electrical DIN SHEV components for dome rooflights

In addition to providing daily ventilation, the electrical DIN SHEV components from VELUX Commercial also enable safe and powerful opening of the dome rooflights for preventive fire protection. VELUX Commercial can provide accordingly designed system solutions for a wide variety of applications – from the individual FIREJET® 165J SA device to the multi-functional FIREJET® GA, the SHEV set for stairwell smoke exhaust, and right up to the complete SHEV system.

The robust and fast FIREJET® 165J SA device not only impresses with its high performance, but also with its low noise level and programmable ventilation position for a particularly large ventilation cross-section. Daily ventilation is therefore also possible without an additional motor.

Complete sets are available for stairwell smoke exhaust, which can be optionally supplemented with additional accessories. Detailed information regarding the scope of delivery and performance can be found in the following product descriptions.

In principle, the electrical SHEV components can be utilised on various kerbs and dome rooflights and equipped with suitable 24V/48V SHEV central control units with extensive accessories and various control system options. There is also a possibility for connection to the central building management system.

Electrical SHEV components for dome rooflight range

FIREJET® 165J SA 24/48V AZ

Stairwell 24V SHEV set dome rooflight

24V SHEV systems