JET Continuous Rooflight Flaps

No matter whether you want to utilise the JET continuous rooflight flaps as SHEV flaps for effective smoke and heat ventilation or purely as ventilation flaps for daily ventilation - our products are optimally prepared for the corresponding requirements. The combination of both functions (SHEV + ventilation) is also possible without any problems.

You can hereby select between full flaps, side flaps, cross beam flaps, single flaps, ridge flaps or double flaps. The continuous rooflight flaps must be equipped with appropriate opening systems for daily ventilation - either electrically or pneumatically actuated. Control is carried out via a central closing control system with timer, and based on the data supplied by the associated wind/rain alarm device for particular comfort.

We implement the optimum flap system depending on the continuous rooflight order width and according to the individual requirements. All the devices are tested and certified as NSHEV pursuant to the European requirements for natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators according to DIN EN 12101-2.

Full flap

Side flap and cross beam flap

Double flap

JET continuous rooflight single flap

JET SMOKEJET® louvred ventilator