Continuous rooflight fall-through protection, type LB-SR

Highest possible safety when working on the flat roof

You can guarantee maximum safety for the people working on your roof with the Type LB-SR continuous rooflight fall-through protection. The steel tubes with cross beam for installation during continuous rooflight assembly guarantee optimum protection against falling through the continuous rooflight and opened continuous rooflight flaps. If required, the safety system can also beutilised in the course of retrofitting..

It is suitable for continuous rooflights in order widths from 1700 to 2700 mm, in which it provides a collective and permanent protection effect in accordance with valid standards and regulations as well as statutory regulations for working safety on flat roofs.

  • Fixed with aluminium profiles on the continuous rooflight kerb
  • For continuous rooflight order widths from 1,700 to 2,700 mm
  • Can be utilised on steel kerb Types G and T with 100mm kerb bearing
  • Tested according to GS-BAU-18 (fall-through safety for construction components)
  • DGUV [German Statutory Accident Insurance] Test Certificate
  • Mesh width of 90 x 100mm
  • For implementation of valid standards and regulations (e.g. DIN 4426:2017-01, ASR (Workplace Regulations) A2.1, DGUV (German Statutory Accident Insurance) Provision 38 and DGUV (German Statutory Accident Insurance) Regulation 101-016)
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Administration buildings

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