Continuous rooflight fall-through protection, type LB-DSL

Increased safety for assembly and maintenance work on the roof

The Type LB-DSL continuous rooflight fall-through protection is a galvanised steel safety grating for installation in the course of continuous rooflight assembly work. The permanent and collectively effective safety system guarantees the safety of workplaces and traffic routes on theroof, is tested according to GS-BAU-18 (fall-through safety for construction components) and ensures the implementation of all valid standards and regulations.

Due to its intricate construction and pleasing appearance, it not only provides optimum protection against falling through, but also ensures high daylight input and meets aesthetic expectations.

  • Galvanised steel safety net for installing during the continuous rooflight assembly
  • Can be utilised on all VELUX Commercial steel kerb types and on on-site wooden kerbs
  • Tested according to GS-BAU-18 (fall-through safety for construction components)
  • DGUV [German Statutory Accident Insurance] Test Certificate
  • For continuous rooflight order widths from 1200 to 6200 mm
  • For implementation of valid standards and regulations
  • (e.g. DIN 4426:2017-01, ASR (Workplace Regulations) A2.1, DGUV (German Statutory Accident Insurance) Provision 38 and DGUV (German Statutory Accident Insurance) Regulation 101-016).
  • Mesh width of 90 x 100 mm
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings

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